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About Centro Studi Gruppo Abele

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The Documentation and Research Centre, which has been Elisad member since 1992 and Salis member since 1998, is one of the cultural activities of Gruppo Abele, an NGO that started in Torino in 1966 and carries out its social commitment not only by providing assistance and counselling to those who live difficult situations, but also by promoting initiatives in the cultural and social fields (such as a publishing house, periodicals, training courses, etc.).


The Documentation and Research Centre started its activity in 1975 and since 1980 its specialised library has been open to the public. The Centre has been sistematically collecting and cataloguing books, Italian and foreign periodicals and grey literature on social issues since its beginnings. At present the bibliographic database includes approximately 60.000 items, made of books, articles selected from more than 350 Italian and foreign periodicals, miscellaneous documentation, reports, fiction films, audiovisuals, degree theses.


The major subjects covered by the bibliographic database are:  

- alcohol, drugs and addictions

- young people, adolescents and minors

- migration issues

- prison

- prostitution, human trafficking

- AIDS/HIV infection

- social professions and policies.  


In addition to selecting and classifying documents, the Centre promotes and develops social research, products materials and provides reference services.


The Library is open to the public 4 days a week (29.5 hours per week). Its usual patrons are mostly university students and social professionals.


Centro Studi, Documentazione e Ricerche del Gruppo Abele

corso Trapani 91/B - 10141 TORINO

tel. +39 11 38 41 053

fax  +39 11 38 41 055

e-mail: centrostudi@gruppoabele.org



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