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Exhibit Space

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Exhibit Space


Would your organization like to exhibit materials and resources at the 2008 Elisad conference?


Different options are available: to apply for exhibit space, please fill out our Exhibit application form.doc and follow the instructions.

Exhibits are typically unstaffed -- you can simply ship your materials for us and we will make sure they are displayed and acknowledged.


What kinds of exhibits can I have? We welcome exhibits of materials such as books, journals, videos, software, or information about your organization. Exhibits will be displayed for two full days during the conference.


The deadline for applying for exhibit space is September 20, 2008.






If you are planning to ship your exhibitor materials, please label your boxes with the address information below. If you are sending more than one box, please number each box (1 of 2, 2 of 2, e.g.). Please ship the materials to arrive no earlier than Monday, September 29, 2008; they will be displayed in our Library for the full two days of the conference, October 9-10, 2008.




Attn:  Daniela Zardo - Centro Studi Gruppo Abele

ELISAD 2008 Conference Exhibits

Corso Trapani 91 B

10141 TORINO


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