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Final Programme

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XX Elisad Annual Meeting


Final programme

N.B. A consecutive translation from English into Italian (and vice versa) will be provided


Thursday, 9 October


  8:30 Check in


 9:00 Welcome and opening address (Host, Chair, Salis representative)


 9.30 Leopoldo Grosso, psychologist of addictions, Vice-chair of Gruppo Abele

          Psychoactive drug consumption and addiction in Italy: current approaches


10.10 Monica Reynaudo, Centro Studi, Documentazione e Ricerche del Gruppo Abele

          Pathological gambling: an Italian survey on help resources


10.50 Geoffrey Hunt, Senior Scientist, Institute of Scientific Analysis, Alameda (CA)

           Epidemiology meets cultural studies: studying and understanding youth cultures, clubs and drugs

           Slides available in PDF format HUNT.pdf


11.30 Coffee break


12.00 Paolo Deluca,  Senior Research fellow in addictive behaviour, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

          Illicit drugs available online: building up the Psychonaut Monitoring System

          Slides available in PDF format DELUCA.pdf.


12:45 Andrea Mitchell, Salis Executive Director

           Threats to Our Intellectual History: The Impact on Alcohol and Drug Studies

           Slides available in PDF format MITCHELL.pdf


13:30 Lunch


15:00 Fabrizia Giannotta, University of Torino, Department of Psychology

          The protective role of school involvement on alcohol consumption in early adolescence

          Slides available in PDF format GIANNOTTA.pdf


15.45 Gabriela Trifan, Coordinator of the Information and Documentation Centre/NAA, Romania

           Use of Tantum Rosa - Benzydamine Hydrochloride - as recreational drug in Romania and Poland

           Slides available in PDF format TRIFAN.pdf


16.30 Coffee break


17.00 Outi Merilainen, Stakes, Helsinki

          The merger of STAKES and KTL - The future of AOD information services and AOD research in the new organisation

          Slides available in PDF format MERILAINEN.pdf


17:45 Federica Caselli, UNICRI Documentation Centre, Torino

          UNICRI Documentation Centre: an information resource for specialists and the wider audience



Friday, 10 October 


  9.00 Workshops


           1) Do It Ourselves: Social Technologies for Information Retrieval

                Facilitator: Bonaria Biancu,  librarian, University of Milano Bicocca


Websites, documents, presentations, wikis, specialised databases: how can we aggregate such diversified information sources? By the collaborative and interactive tools now provided by the Web. The workshop will focus on how to build IR applications aimed to retrieve interesting content (independently from the original website) and how to use some 2.0 tools to maximise information reuse and dissemination.

Slides available in PDF format BIANCU.pdf


2) Prevention 2.0 – Using new web techniques to integrate audiovisuals into training programs and for documentation archives in the area of addiction studies

                Facilitator: Michele Marangi, freelance, media educator and trainer


Beginning with concrete examples of online archives and Web 2.0 resources, we will then propose some possible methodologies for the development of educational modules and documentation practice. These new technologies can take advantage of the potential of 

audiovisuals to express the individual and social views in addiction research and study.


11.00 Coffee break


11.30 Reporting on workshops


12.00 Karen Coyle, a librarian and a consultant in the area of digital libraries

          The Library Catalogue in a Web World

          Slides available in PDF format here.



12.45 Anne Welsh, National Library for Health and UCL School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, London

Online Collaboration - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)

PowerPoint slides available to view and / or download here


13.30 Lunch


15.0017.30 Elisad Annual Ordinary Meeting


20.30 Elisad dinner at Ristorante De Amicis, corso Casale 134, Torino



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