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List of attendees (* denotes speaker)


         Name                     Organization                                                 E-mail


1      Beatrix Kovacs     ESKI, Budapest                                     kovacs.beatrix[at]eski.hu

2      Outi Merilainen*   STAKES, Helsinki                                   Outi.Merilainen[at]stakes.fi 

3      Marc Wauters      VAD, Brussels                                       marc.wauters[at]vad.be 

4      Mariella Orsi         CeSDA, Firenze                                     mariella.orsi[at]asf.toscana.it

5      Angita Peterse     Trimbos, Utrecht                                   apeterse[at]trimbos.nl

6      Anne Singer         Elisad PR officer                                    anne.singer[at]club-internet.fr

7      Brian Galvin          HRB, Dublin                                          bgalvin[at]hrb.ie 

8      Valeria Bisignano    Interpreter                                         ce_we[at]hotmail.com

9      Loretta Neri          CeSDA, Firenze               

10    Monica Reynaudo* Centro Studi Gruppo Abele, Torino           mreynaudo[at]gruppoabele.org

11    Federica Caselli*    UNICRI, Torino                                    documentation[at]unicri.it

12    Karen Coyle*         Librarian                                            kcoyle[at]kcoyle.net

13    Bonaria Biancu*      Università Milano Bicocca                     bonariabiancu[at]gmail.com 

14    Elisa Ciari              CeSDA, Firenze

15    Leopoldo Grosso*   Gruppo Abele, Torino                            lgrosso[at]gruppoabele.org

16    Paul Henry Thibaut  CRIPS CIRDD Ile de France 

17    Michele Marangi*    Freelance media educator                     patemic[at]fastwebnet.it 

18    Daniela Zardo         Centro Studi Gruppo Abele, Torino          dzardo[at]gruppoabele.org

19    Geoffrey Hunt*       Institute of Scientific Analysis, Alameda (CA)  huntgisa[at]ix.netcom.com

20    Paolo Deluca*        Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London  Paolo.Deluca[at]iop.kcl.ac.uk

21    Andrea Mitchell*     Salis Executive Director                        amitchell[at]salis.org

22    Fabrizia Giannotta*  University of Torino                             fabriziagiannotta[at]libero.it

23    Barbara E. Ryan      Silver Gate Group, San Diego                 bryan[at]silvergategroup.com

24    Isabelle Michot        OFDT, France                                    isabelle.michot[at]ofdt.fr                                                             

25    Claes Olsson           CAN, Sweden                                     claes.olsson[at]can.se                                                             

26    Gabriela Trifan*       National Anti-drug Agency, Romania       ani662002[at]yahoo.com                                        

27    Claudine Vallauri      CRIPS CIRDD Ile de France                    cvallauri[at]lecrips.net

28    Anne Welsh*          NHS, UK                                             anne.welsh[at]moorfields.nhs.uk

29    Vaughan Birbeck      EMCDDA                                            Vaughan.Birbeck[at]emcdda.europa.eu 

30    Aurelie Wellenstein  Centre Médical Marmottan, Paris             documentation.cm[at]wanadoo.fr

31    Maria Paula Graça    Instituto da Droga e da Toxicodipendencia, Lisbon   paula.graca[at]idt.min-saude.pt

32    Alessandra Lotti      CDCG, Comune di Modena                      alotti[at]comune.modena.it

33     Jorunn Moen              SIRUS, Oslo                                                   jm[at]sirus.no

34    Jiri Francik             National Monitoring Center for Drugs, Slovakia  jiri.francik[at]government.gov.sk



Other attendees belonging to Gruppo Abele



1       Lucia Bianco              Progetto Famiglie

2       Pino Maranzano        Aliseo

3       Elisabetta Bosio        Centro Studi

4       Francesca Rascazzo  Centro Studi

5       Alice Marchesi            Centro Studi

6       Luca Borello              Centro Studi

7       Maria Bertinetto        Centro Studi

8       Annamaria Licastro   Centro Studi

9       Anna Mazzoleni         Centro Studi

10     Davide Pecorelli         Narcomafie

11     Marina Villone            Centro Studi


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