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Provisional list of speakers at the meeting 


Bonaria Biancu, a librarian and a technologist at the University of Milano-Bicocca 


Sandro Calvanidirector of UNICRI, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute


Federica Caselli, UNICRI Documentation Centre, Torino


Karen Coyle, a librarian and a consultant in the area of digital libraries, Berkeley


Paolo Deluca, psychologist, researcher at the Department of Addiction Behaviours at St George's Hospital, London 


Leopoldo Grosso, psychologist of addictions, vice-chair of Gruppo Abele, Torino


Geoffrey Hunt, a social anthropologist and Senior Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Analysis, Alameda (CA)


Michele Marangi, freelance media educator and trainer, Torino


Outi Merilainen, Information Specialist, MSocSci at STAKES, Helsinki


Andrea Mitchell, Salis Executive Director, Berkeley


Monica Reynaudo, Head of Centro Studi, Documentazione e Ricerche, Gruppo Abele, Torino


Anne Welsh,  an information professional for over a decade, now a full-time NHS Information Specialist and active member of SALIS Tech Committee


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